12 Best Slack Alternatives for Team Communication

Team communication tools started popping up like mushrooms in the post-pandemic work-from-home world so you have more options than ever before. Slack may be one of the most popular choices, but you should weigh the pros and cons before choosing the perfect messaging app to improve teamwork. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the best Slack alternatives to help you determine which team communication app suits your needs. We hand-picked each chat software based on its team collaboration features, price, and availability of mobile apps. Also, make sure to check out our article on the best coordination tools like Asana and Trello to boost productivity. 1. Microsoft Teams Microsoft developed a business chat tool that targets enterprise companies as well as small teams. Microsoft Teams is already available to all who subscribe to one of the Microsoft Office 365 plans. You can get a freemium version of Microsoft Teams if you don’t have one of these plans. All the chat fea

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How to Stream Crunchyroll on Google TV

Crunchyroll is a streaming app that offers anime content all over the world. It also has dramas of every genre in the content library. The Crunchyroll app has thousands of content for on-demand streaming. You can download the content in the app for offline streaming. It offers manga (digital version) within the app as long as you had a subscription. The Crunchyroll app is available for free download on Chromecast with Google TV. In the below section, we will witness how to stream Crunchyroll on Google TV.

Crunchyroll Subscription

Crunchyroll has two different types of subscriptions: Fan, Mega Fan. It also has a yearly subscription in the name of Mega Fan. All the subscription offers a free trial for 14 days.

Subscription Cost Simultaneous Streaming
Fan $7.99 per month 1
Mega Fan (1 month) $9.99 per month 4
Mega Fan (12 months) $79.99 per year 4

How to Stream Crunchyroll on Google TV

(1). Connect the Chromecast with Google TV to the TV HDMI port and launch the Google TV.

(2). Go to the home screen and select Apps at the top.

Click Apps

(3). Click Search for apps in the App Categories.

Select Search for Apps

(4). Enter Crunchyroll in the search and choose the app.

Search for Crunchyroll on Google TV

(5). Select Install to download the Crunchyroll app on Google TV.

Install Crunchyroll on Google TV

(6). Click Open to launch the Crunchyroll app and log in to your account.

Open Crunchyroll app on Google TV

(7). Select the content to stream on Chromecast with Google TV.

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Alternative Method

You also have an alternative way to stream Crunchyroll on Google TV. It is casting the Crunchyroll smartphone version to the TV. The Crunchyroll app has an inbuilt cast feature to connect with TV for streaming the contents.

(1). Ensure that the smartphone and the Google TV are connected to the same internet connection.

(2). Download the Crunchyroll app on the smartphone from Google Play Store, App Store.

(3). Launch the Crunchyroll app and sign in to your account.

(4). Tap the Cast icon at the top and select the Google TV from the devices.

Select Cast to watch Crunchyroll on Google TV

(5). Connect to Google TV and stream the contents on the TV.

Crunchyroll is the best app to watch anime content without ads. The app provides the TV aired episodes within one hour. It also has a Watchlist to add the contents for streaming later.

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